Body Analysis


Our high-tech non-invasive device provides a quick and accurate biometric reading that gives you clear insight into your fitness progress. This is an accurate measurement - not some kind of estimate that relies on statistical data or empirical equations. You'll not just be able to feel your body getting fitter, you'll be able to precisely measure every change in your body. With Vitality Fitness Studio, fitness becomes a science you can rely on.

Body composition analysis is essential to completely understand health and weight as traditional methods of assessing health, such as BMI, can be misleading. Going beyond your weight, body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components: fat, lean body mass, minerals, and body water.

InBody body composition analyzers break down your weight and display your body composition data on an organized, easy-to-understand Result Sheet. The results help you understand where your fat, muscle, and body levels are at and act as a guide to help you achieve your goals: whether that is shedding a few unwanted pounds or a complete body transformation.


These key elements, along with InBody’s quantitative body composition analysis, provides a comprehensive assessment of the current status of your body. By tracking your progress over time we can help your focus on areas of improvement.



Body Composition Analysis: Body weight is the sum of Total Body Water, Protein, Minerals, and Body Fat Mass.

Muscle-Fat Analysis: The longer the Skeletal Muscle Mass bar is compared to the Body Fat Mass bar, the stronger the body is.

Obesity Analysis: BMI is an index used to determine obesity by using height and weight.

Segmental Lean Analysis: Evaluates whether the muscles are adequately developed in the body.

ECW Ratio Analysis: ECW Ratio, the ratio of Extracellular Water to Total Body Water, is an important indicator of body water balance.

Body Composition History: Track the history of the body compositional change. Take the InBody Test periodically to monitor your progress.

InBody Score: This score shows the evaluation of your body composition, which includes muscle, fat, and water in the body.

Weight Control: See how your body measures up to the recommended Weight, Muscle Mass, and Body Fat Mass for a good balance.

Body Balance Evaluation: Evaluates the balance of the body based on Segmental Lean Analysis.

Segmental Fat Analysis: Evaluates whether the amount of fat is adequately distributed throughout the body.