Personal Training using EMS Technology

Where Technology Meets Personal Training

At Vitality Fitness Studio, we are bringing cutting edge technology to your workout. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), sends small electric impulses directly to muscles which enhances the natural contraction of the muscles to condition and strengthen the body, making your training more efficient and effective! Training using advanced and beneficial technology powered by Xbody allows a 20-minute EMS workout to be equal to a 90-minutes+ of traditional strength training. This amazing technology is both effective and efficient, but also pleasant and safe as it has been used by physiotherapists and athletes for years.   At  Vitality Fitness, our goal is to make this elite-class training method available to all. Our EMS training can easily be used to supplement your existing workout routine for quicker results or used solely to help you reach your fitness goals. Sessions are by appointment only. No crowds and no lines for machines.  At Vitality Fitness your trainer takes you through your personalized session at the time you reserved. Our specialized personal trainers will customize your workout to help you achieve your fitness goals to get you optimum results. Our goal is to help you to reach your fitness goals and feel confident!   At our studio you don’t have to carry a bulky gym bag; everything you need is here and we can even do the laundry for you when you are done!


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Rosalee LaPlante